Work/Life Balance 101

Work/Life Balance 101

One of the most drastic differences between counseling and life coaching lies in the terms of time… While counseling drifts towards analyzing your past, life coaching is the exact.
If you’ve ever wondered what kind of a personality you currently have (because, as say, you can always alter it anytime), then this article is your goldmine! Especially if you’ve ever been accused of either being too closed up (like an introvert) or too cold mannered (like a narcissist). But do these two personality types ever collide?

Let’s find out!

Narcissists do not show their true selves

They do it neither towards the people they barely know, nor towards the members of their “inner circle”. Introverts, however, may sometimes show those in public and always do so sincerely within the circle of their closest friends…

Narcissists don’t incorporate security into relationships

Those people are selfish by design, meaning making you feel insecure will, in turn, empower their self-confidence even more. Introverts behave vastly different in that regard, making sure that they and all people close to them are always in a secure position and environment.

Narcissist never allows you to see him as the bad guy

That’s because their huge self-confidence doesn’t allow them to be “caught in the act”. Introverts, however, can show their anger or frustration openly, but only under some extremely uncomfortable or stressful circumstances.

They don’t like losing control

Well, this one actually fits both of those two personality types… Neither a narcissist person nor an introvert want someone else to interfere with the decisions they make

Narcissist don’t incorporate security into relationships

They don’t see others as equals

While this may hold true to both of the personality types, once again, the ultimate truth is that introverts are so solitaire not due to their prejudice to other people, like narcissist people, but rather due to their self-sufficiency…

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